Brighton Beauties – why Brighton is the pPerfect UK Hen Weekend Destination!

Anyone that has been to Brighton will tell you how great it is – full of fun, quirky and beside the seaside!  I have been lucky enough to go on two fabulous hen weekends in this lovely UK holiday town now, and this has lead me to the conclusion that Brighton is the perfect UK hen do destination.  My reasons for this conclusion are twofold: 1) one of the hen dos was mine!  And 2) there really is something to suit every group of friends.  Here is a list of “do’s” for hen do’s in Brighton:
Do: enjoy the range of accommodation on offer
One of the great things about Brighton is the range of accommodation on offer.  You can either opt for one of the bigger seafront hotels (especially good if your group is particularly large), stay in a little guest house (as we did for mine) complete with fry up the next morning to cure those morning-after-the-night-before heads, or book a share-house whereby everyone can stay together, enjoying late night drinking and late morning brunching.  There is a huge range of accommodation available to suit every budget and taste, so shop around before you book to find something which will suit your party.
Do: spend a day exploring The Lanes and the Pier
A trip to Brighton without some time spent mooching in the kooky shops of The Lanes and visiting the Pier isn’t a trip to Brighton at all.  Well, it’d be rude not to visit the pier of a British seaside resort, wouldn’t it?  And don’t forget all the brilliant photos you hens will get at the seaside facades (you know, the painted picture things you put your head through and take a photograph, with you posing, as, say, a Baywatch lifeguard?!)!!  The Lanes are full of cool shops, from fancy dress to everything-for-£5, and quirky homewares to homemade fudge – the perfect girly afternoon can be spent in shopping heaven – and there’s the added advantage that if you buy an outfit for that evening’s festivities, you’re pretty much guaranteed that it will be one of a kind!
By the pier in February 2011…..
….and on the pier again in June 2012!
Do: check out the array of activities on offer
For my hen do, my chief bridesmaid organised a dance class whereby we all learnt a routine which we ‘flash mobbed’ at the evening reception of the wedding.  This was followed by a private Kareoke room at a lovely Chinese restaurant.  For my friend’s hen do, we had a fabulous cocktail making class at Vodka Revolution.  I’ve also heard tell of treasure hunts, Burlesque lessons and even nude life drawing!!  Check the activities out: there really is something to suit every bride-to-be!
At the end of the dance class on my hen do!
Cocktail making at Vodka Revolution!


Do: get into the swing of things and dress up
Yes, you probably wouldn’t go out in fancy dress on a normal night out and yes, you will feel like a wally, but why not get into the swing of things and dress up?  Posh frocks and pearls, devils and angels, emergency services and much more, you’ll come across loads of other hen parties dolled up to the nines – and you don’t want to be outdone, now, do you?!
Little devils!
A visit from the Emergency Services!
Do: visit some of the many trendy bars and clubs
I’ve already mentioned the cocktail making class at Vodka Revolution which was excellent fun, and I’m sure you don’t need it pointed out, but Brighton is the home to many trendy bars and clubs.  Why not try Funky Buddha or the Honey Club down on the beach front?  All in all, a little spot of partying is the perfect way to end your Brighton Hen do! 
Cocktails at one of the many bars in Brighton!

And if you want to see how the flash-mob turned out at the reception of my wedding, here’s the link…

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